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Pacific Northwest expands the Nuclear Sunset setting, now available for Mutant Future!


The world may have ended, but life goes on.

The world of Nuclear Sunset expands with this new supplement from author Darrin Drader. Explore the Pacific Northwest and encounter tribes of savage mutant frogs, the samurai legion, the Silicon Syndicate, and a bestiary’s worth of mutant creatures! Meet the factions that have carved the Pacific Northwest up into a series of warring regions, and choose your alliances carefully, or risk being crushed under the bootheels of your rivals in the name of progress.

Now available from Drive Thru RPG and RPG now in both PDF and Print on Demand versions!

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Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells now available in PDF and Print on Demand!

Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells CoverGreetings, Wuxia heroes!

It fills me with great pleasure to announce the formal release of Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells in both PDF and Print on Demand formats. This book was made possible by our Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade Kickstarter campaign, and now it is available for everyone to purchase.

The PDF is $10.99 from Drive-Thru RPG and RPG Now.

The Print on Demand version is $19.99.

If you buy the Print on Demand and PDF together, the PDF is free! (Click the third option to make sure you get the PDF discounted properly)

Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade on Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now! (Click here for the Drive Thru RPG Link!)

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Spirits, Beasts & Spells print proof ordered, plus Backerkit rewards!

Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells CoverThis is just a quick post to let everyone know that Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells has been cleared for the print on demand version. I ordered my print proof today, so it’ll be roughly a week or so until I get it. That means it may arrive while I’m out of town at Gen-Con, which will mean the product will likely not go live until I get back from Gen Con.

Starting today, we will be using Backerkit to start delivering digital rewards to our Kickstarter backers, in addition to the rewards through Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now. If you are a backer of the Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade kickstarter, you should check your Backerkit accounts at to find some new files available later today.



Christmas in July is here! Spirits, Beasts & Spells is almost ready!

RRR-Collection-One-Cover600Two great pieces of news today! First off, if you’ve been waiting for a good deal on most of our product lines, it’s Christmas! Christmas in July, that is. The Christmas in July sale at Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now means 25% discounts on most every digital product we sell, such as our Rogues, Rivals & Renegades series!

Click the picture to the left to head straight to the Vigilance Press storefront at Drive Thru RPG and start shopping now. The sale runs through July 29th!







Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells CoverIn other news, Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells is now out of layout! I’ve uploaded the files to Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now, and am waiting on those files to be approved so we can set those files “live” for sale. More news on that as soon as the files are ready for sale. Check out today’s update on our Kickstarter campaign site for more details! 

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