Spirits, Beasts & Spells print proof ordered, plus Backerkit rewards!

Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells CoverThis is just a quick post to let everyone know that Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells has been cleared for the print on demand version. I ordered my print proof today, so it’ll be roughly a week or so until I get it. That means it may arrive while I’m out of town at Gen-Con, which will mean the product will likely not go live until I get back from Gen Con.

Starting today, we will be using Backerkit to start delivering digital rewards to our Kickstarter backers, in addition to the rewards through Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now. If you are a backer of the Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade kickstarter, you should check your Backerkit accounts at tianxia.backerkit.com to find some new files available later today.



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