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Otis Frampton comes to Beacon City! METAs Cover Illustration, step by step!


I’m very excited to welcome yet another new artist to the list of incredible talents I’ve had a chance to work with this year!

Otis Frampton, whose artwork has been seen in the satirical animated series “How it Should Have Ended,” has finished the cover illustration for our upcoming Beacon City METAs (Issue 1). Otis has shared the final artwork, but he’s also given me permission to share with you how he tackled each step of the production in picture form! To see all the steps of the project, click the “More” link below and check out the full blog post!

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Arthur Lives! Dev Blog #2: Character Creation

Guinevere by Denise JonesWelcome back to our running series of blogs on the development of Arthur Lives! Fate Edition (or ALFE as we call it in my headspace). If you have read or played Fate Core, the process of making a character in AL will be very familiar to you. If you’re coming from another Fate game, you’ll notice a few more differences.

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Arthur Lives! Fate Edition Dev Blog: Skill List


With Fate Core in my hands and school out for the semester, I’m up to my elbows in Arthur Lives! Fate Edition. I’d like to use this blog as a place to show how the game is developing, to generate some interest, and to think out loud. Thinking out loud helps me figure out what I want to do, and how to do it better. So, thank you for participating.

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New Art Gallery for Elements of Ruin!

Pencils by Jeffrey MoyHey gang! Check out our latest preview gallery, including art by Alex Williamson and Jeff Moy! Yes, Jeff Moy from Legion of Superheroes fame, and his brother Phil,  are working on the cover to Elements of Ruin! Woohoo!

Elements of Ruin is our biggest Mutants and Masterminds project yet, I’m super excited to share cool stuff like this with you as we develop the book.

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All-Star Writers Roundtable and Black Chapter in Print on Demand!

Tonight’s podcast brings together Jason Tondro, Jack Norris, Rick Jones, and Aaron Sullivan for a powerhouse discussion on upcoming Vigilance Press products! We also answer some fan questions and discuss some finer points of GM’ing a campaign- NPC Character concepts, adventure design, and more!

Check it out for previews of several projects, including METAs; Rogues, Rivals, and Renegades, and More!

Also check our our latest Print on Demand offering from Create Space here: Black Chapter! (Also available on search for “Due Vigilance” and it’ll pop up)

Sign up for our 4-hour Demo game at next week’s here! 


(Unfortunately, I mis-spoke in describing the METAs project, it is in layout but the first issue will only contain the first collection of the original 30 slots that people bought. Sorry for the confusion! The other characters will appear in the coming issues, and anyone who bought into the project will receive the first three PDFs free!)

The Oktobermen Print on Demand- Hot New Deals!

To celebrate the release of the Black Chapter PDF, and upcoming Print on Demand release, we’ve dropped the print on demand price for the original Due Vigilance: The Oktobermen by 4 dollars! That’s right, you can get Due Vigilance Issue 1: The Oktobermen in Print for $9.99 from CreateSpace or RPGNow and Drive-Thru RPG as of now! Check out the special combo deal at RPGNow to get the bundle with the PDF and Hero Lab files for only 4 dollars more than the book!

To get the book at CreateSpace, Follow this link!

To shop at RPGNow, which includes the option for the PDF and Print on Demand bundle, Follow this link!

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