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DC Adventures Universe Podcast, Part Two!

Mutants and Masterminds Line Developer Jon Leitheusser and writers Christopher McGlothlin and Seth Johnson join me for a chat about the final book in the DC Adventures series: Universe! We talk about fun, factoids, comparing game systems, and more! Tune in here!

DC Adventures Universe Podcast!

Mutants and Masterminds designer Steve Kenson and author Aaron Sullivan join me to talk about the fourth and final book in the DC Adventures Role-Playing game series: Universe! Join us to find out more of what’s in the book, how the series came together, and more! Podcast link is here!

Find the book available for Preorder and in PDF now at!

Download a preview PDF here!




Rick Jones’s “SixGun” now available from CreateSpace! Amazon soon to follow!

Cover-Image-PromoAt last! We apologize for the wait, but SixGun is now available as a Print on Demand book from CreateSpace! It will propagate over to in the coming days auto-magically, but you can order it directly from CreateSpace right now at this link!  We’re very happy with this book, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

If this is your first time hearing about SixGun, here’s a primer for ya!

Lock and load!

Private Military Companies are becoming more and more common, exchanging higher costs for better trained and better equipped military specialists. In a world where people in spandex can juggle armored personnel carriers, they need to be even better trained and better equipped! Enter SixGun, a team of cybernetic super-soldiers who will work for anyone if the price is right. Author Rick Jones brings you a team of ruthlessly efficient, battle-hardened foes for your Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition campaign, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

No battle theater is off-limits for these six cyborgs. Marauder, Camo, 3Chelon, Headcase, Deadeye, and “Spot” have the technology and the skill to strike anywhere the money leads them. With art by Alex Williamson, Yad-Ming Mui, Denise Jones, and Jesse Justice, this full-color book brings illustrations for the team, their gear, and their support personnel. We also include full-color standees for you to use at the gaming table.

If you’re not familiar with Private Military Companies, fear not, we’ve included an essay on their history and how they operate… both in the real world, and in the world of your own Superhero campaigns. We also include background and history for the insidious Orion Private Security, whose mysterious connection to SixGun is still classified “Eyes-Only” for the Game Master.

So make one final gear check, and prepare for a fierce battle. SixGun is ready, are you?

“Sanguine et Aurum! Blood and Gold!”

Beacon City METAs now available from CreateSpace! Amazon soon to follow!


It’s here! It’s here! Beacon City METAs Issue 01, “Bring On the Bad Guys!” Already available in PDF, now you can order it from CreateSpace in print form! Click the image to the left, or click this link to go to the CreateSpace E-store and get your copy! SixGun will be following shortly! Amazon will have METAs available in a few days, watch this post for an update when they do! 


Thanks again for participating in this exciting project, and we can’t wait to tell you about our next Beacon City METAs character submission drive, later this year. 🙂


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