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Nero the Newshound

Beacon City Campaign

A Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition campaign set in Vigilance Press’s Beacon City.

Featuring the talents of: James Dawsey, Tolly Gipson, Jason Tondro, Theron Bretz, Rick Jones, and Lynn Hill! With Special Guest Appearance by Alex Williamson!


Tianxia Podcasts

Tianxia Pronunciation Guide with Robin Milliken

Fate and Atomic Robo

Mike Olson talks about the Atomic Robo RPG… For SCIENCE!

Brian Engard talks Wild Blue, Venture City Stories, Fate Core, and more!

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More (and better organized) links coming to this page…

2 Responses to Podcast Links

  • David Farcus says:

    Any plans to continue the Beacon City Podcasts?

    • James says:

      Hey, David!

      We do hope to restart the Beacon City stories soon, but last year was pretty crazy for everyone involved in the series, myself included. As things with Tianxia start to roll out, I’ll be able to find more time to do some podcasting again. I may be doing an adventure series for Tianxia, but I also hope to resume podcasting adventures in Beacon City as well. Stay tuned!

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