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Jeff Dee talks Cavemaster and More!

Villains and Vigilantes Guru and artist extraordinaire Jeff Dee joins James Dawsey to talk about his upcoming artist projects, the Cavemaster roleplaying game, Villains and Vigilantes, and more! Thanks again to Jeff for joining us at Vigilance Press. You can find out information on his various projects at these Kickstarter pages:

The Cavemaster Roleplaying Game Kickstarter Page

Recreating the Art from the Queen of the Demonweb D&D Module Kickstarter Page

Monkey House Games Website

Powers and Playing in RPGs

This epic-scale conversation features Jason “Doctor Comics” Tondro and Jack “Weaponized Virtue” Norris discussing several topics, including how to build powers in several super-hero roleplaying games. Other topics covered are the upcoming Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game from Margaret Weis Productions, upcoming projects from Vigilance Press, and more! Almost two hours in total.

James Dawsey hosts and (occasionally) interjects a word or two.

Thanks to everyone for listening and supporting Vigilance Press! Happy Holidays!

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