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Beacon City METAs issue 01 is now up for sale in PDF form!


Beacon City METAs Issue 01: Bring on the Bad Guys! is now available at RPGNow and Drive-Thru RPG!

For the delicious price of $4.99!

Attention: Have your security clearance clearly visible at all times!

The Metahuman Evaluation and Tracking Authority was instituted to keep track of the powerful beings who took the world of Beacon City by storm. It collects data from a number of sources and shares it between various law enforcement agencies and the military. Now, with this first dip into the METAs database, we present you with a new resource for characters for your games… your fellow players from around the globe!

Welcome to METAs, a series of supplements for Mutants and Masterminds featuring characters submitted by players just like you! To start you off, issue one features eight fully-statted and illustrated characters, including color commentary from METAs personnel. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, we included a 5-page article from Maestro Game Designer Jack Norris on how to run a Villainous campaign, “Bring on the Bad Guys!” With this information at your disposal, feel free to drop these heroes and villains into your game and use them however you wish. There are heroes in here for you to add to your campaign’s background as allies for your players, and some characters who would easily be used as villains as well. Or flip things around and have your players take on the roles of villains, and use these and other heroes against them!

Special highlights in this issue include contributions from Leon Chang, Rick Jones (Due Vigilance: Six Gun) and Steve Perrin (Amazing Stories of WWII: Homefront Heroes, and Homefront Villains)! Illustrations are courtesy of Alex Williamson, Jesse Justice, Denise Jones, and Dan “Alien Mastermind” Houser. From the childlike antics of Kid Awesometastic to Mictantlocan, a sinister avatar of death, you’re sure to find some surprises inside the METAs database.

Stay inside the clearly marked areas, and do not attempt to remove any files from the secure zone. Any copies must be verified by the attending clerk.

Thank you for joining METAs!

Honor + Intrigue and Kickstarters with Chris Rutkowsky!

Calendar Girl color2It is our Honor to bring back Chris Rutkowsky, an old friend of Vigilance Press, to talk about his latest RPG endeavors! First we cover his current Kickstarter for the Awesome Power Power Suites (which you can find here), and then I talk to him in detail about the very impressive Honor + Intrigue! Tune and and check it out! This one is only an hour long… I promise! 🙂

Also noteworthy, check out our new preview gallery for The Forgotten Five, our next Due Vigilance product for Mutants and Masterminds, by Jason Tondro!

Check out the podcast HERE!

Thanks again to Chris for stopping by!

Beacon City Episode 06 is (finally) Live! Catch the Awesome Season Ender Here!

Elizabeth Tower

Elizabeth Tower

The Lamplighter, Tempest, Jade Witch, and Star Child join forces to confront two armies with Beacon City trapped between them in this epic conclusion to “Season One” of our Mutants and Masterminds Actual Play series! James Dawsey GMs and is joined by players Jason “Doctor Comics” Tondro, Rick Jones, Lynn Hill, and Theron Bretz. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions below! By the way, at the start of the show I mention a potential run time. I was WAY off. The show actually runs about 5 hours… thanks to my awesome players for enduring the night!

Click here to jump to the podcast site!

SixGun is ready to Deploy! Now on sale!

deadeye600-ColorRick Jones’s cybernetic super-soldiers are now ready for your Mutants and Masterminds campaign! Six battle-hardened foes for your Mutants and Masterminds campaign, the SixGun mercenary team are well-equipped to deploy in any circumstances! They’ll work anywhere, and for anyone. If your mastermind villain needs some extra muscle, he need look no further than Due Vigilance: SixGun!

With amazing, full-color artwork and Hero Lab portfolio files, this product is fully kitted out! We also include background information on Private Military Companies, both for the real world and your supers campaigns, and support personnel and background characters for the SixGun team themselves. Also included is the top-secret details of Orion Private Security and their mysterious connection to the SixGun crew!

Now on sale for the whimsical price of 8.66! Check it out at RPGNow and DrivethruRPG!


Repairing Galleries: Work in Progress

smiling-ox-v2_promoHey gang!

We’ve discovered some script errors in the way some of the social networking buttons were interfering with the Gallery pages, so we’ve disabled those buttons for the time being until the webmaster has time to implement a better fix. If you’re still having trouble seeing images in the galleries, try clearing your internet cache and reloading the page!

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you enjoy the previews! Feel free to reply to this post if you’re still having issues and the webmaster will take a look at it as soon as he can!

-James Dawsey


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