PDF Guarantee!


 Our Brick and Mortar PDF Guarantee:

“If you buy a physical book of ours from a real, brick & mortar store at full price, we’ll give you the PDF. Period.”

We at Vigilance Press love hanging out at Brick and Mortar gaming stores, and we know how vital they are to our hobby. We want to support them the best that we can, and we don’t want Vigilance Press fans to feel you must choose between supporting us and supporting your stores. We want you to support both! It’s your choice to buy a Print & PDF bundle at an online outlet, like IPR, or to buy the same book at your local game store and get the PDF as well.

We are now part of the Bits & Mortar publisher coalition. Head on over to their site to find out more about the program and find out who else offers free PDFs together with the books you buy from your Friendly Local Game Store!

This does not cover print on demand books, or books sold through discount online sites like Amazon.

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