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Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade- The Final Week, Let’s start with a surprise

In our latest campaign update, I let everyone know that we’re going to unlock the fiction anthology if we reach 1,000 backers, no matter what our total take is. 

There’s also a bit of original fiction from Jack Norris, a taste of the upcoming Tianxia: War, Iron & Stone PDF supplement.

I also mention some of the amazing authors we have already announced: Robin D. Laws, T.S. Luikart, Gareth Skarka, Michael Underwood, Allen Turner, Aaron Rosenberg, and Jack Norris.

There’s one more author I’d like to announce now: John Rogers.

You may know John’s work on the TV show Leverage, or you may know him from his guest appearance on Wil Wheaton’s “Tabletop” show, or you may be like me and know him from his work in comics. He’s a fantastic author, and a fan of role-playing games and Fate Core. When I saw he had backed our project, I was excited. When I contacted him about the anthology and he agreed to participate (we extended the deadline a bit to enable his participation) I was thrilled!

We may be announcing a few more authors before the book comes out, but I couldn’t wait to share this one with everyone. Thanks to all of the amazing authors for their enthusiasm for the project.

Backers: We need your help to hit that magic 1,000 backers so we can produce this book! If you’re at all interested in solid genre fiction, please let your friends know about Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade. Let them know about all the goodies they can get by backing us at the $15.00 level! As of now, that includes the PDF for Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade, the Mass Combat rules and additional setting material in Tianxia: War, Iron & Stone, the Lifepath Generator, the Tianxia Arcana for the Deck of Fate, the Fate Accelerated Addendum for the Lifepath Generator, the Illuminated Stars of Destiny bonus PDF, and the Twelve Golden Butchers adventure!

That’s a great value for $15.00… help us make it even better by unlocking even more great stuff!

And it’s no secret that if we can get 250 more backers, there’s a very good chance we’ll also unlock Ryan Macklin’s Tianxia: Spirits, Beasts & Spells. His magic system is one of the most-asked-for new pieces of the Tianxia universe! That and the Fiction Anthology are both part of the growing stack of awesome digital extras.

-James Dawsey


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