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Nero the Newshound makes his “First Appearance!”

Nero the NewshoundFans of our Beacon City Podcast adventures from last year will recognize Nero the Newshound as the talking dog from Beacon City who likes to sniff out a good story. He’s featured on Green Ronin’s website today as part of the “First Appearances” series of PDFs, free for download! You can find his First Appearance (along with Michael Schell’s “Ogre Bear”) at this link!

The First Appearance PDFs collect characters submitted by Mutants and Masterminds fans as part of the Hero’s Handbook 10th Anniversary Kickstarter from earlier this year. We’re happy to join Green Ronin in bringing you this first, fully-statted out appearance of Nero, by Vigilance Press mastermind Jack Norris!

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Tianxia Cover Art- From Concept to Cover

While we’re about ready to get Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade ready to head to layout, I thought this would be a good time to share with you the cover art! But I can’t just show a single picture, we should really show you a little more about how we got from concept to the final illustration. This article will cover that process, and show off some never-before-seen concept sketches from myself and Denise Jones. I’ll let you decide which ones are better (hint: Denise’s). Click the “More” tag to head to the article!

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ROAR!! Kaiju Kultists Preview Gallery!

karabujaki_coloured-promoTo celebrate the opening of giant monster mayhem movie Pacific Rim (go see it! It’s awesome!), we bring you our own cadre of gi-normous super-villains… the Kaiju Kultists! The manuscript (by Jack Norris) is still in final edits and playtesting, but we wanted to show you the artwork that has come in so far. Artists on this project include Denis Loubet (a veteran illustrator in the gaming industry, and a personal hero of mine!), Alex Williamson, and Denise Jones! Check it out by clicking the picture to the left, or this link here!

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