Amazing Tales of WWII

Amazing Tales of World War II

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2 Responses to Amazing Tales of WWII

  • Hopeless says:

    Are there any plans for further releases in this genre era?

    Was wondering if a campaign setting similar to that established for Emerald City might eventually be considered?

    • James says:

      Yes! We have a release coming up that will give you an agency and villains to run alien invasions during World War II! Written by Jack Norris (of The Oktobermen and Black Chapter fame) “The BETA Men” will be an add-on for ICONs and Mutants and Masterminds games! We’re currently working on art orders and layout for this product, but when we have more news I’ll be sure to post it on the front page blog.

      The idea of doing an entire campaign setting for WWII is a great one, and we may pursue that, but right now we’ve got a lot of modern and cosmic ideas brewing, so a larger scale project may have to wait a little. Beacon City: The War Years does sound like a fun project, though… 🙂

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