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Marvel Actual Play Demo

Greetings, True Believers! This special demo podcast features the brand new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying! Jason Tondro, Rick Jones, and Theron Bretz play Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Luke Cage respectively. James Dawsey counts his dice as The Watcher (GM) for the game. Brace yourselves for an epic adventure that spans almost three hours!!

If you like the game, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know! We made some mistakes (our first time with this one) but very minor ones- I missed some opportunities for Extraordinary Success and neglected some of the rules until later in the session- But that’s how you know it’s “For Reals!” :) Enjoy the show, and Stay Vigilant!

Cam Banks talks Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Release!

Cam Banks from Margaret Weis Productions returns to talk about the release of the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game (which should be live in mere minutes)! Jason Tondro co-hosts with James Dawsey as we discuss upcoming releases, some aspects of the rules and how the game is different from other Superhero games, and which characters might be available as “DLC” in the near future. We also answer some questions from various listeners and talk about which “Era” of Marvel we like best!

Check Drive-Thru RPG for the release of the Marvel PDF (should appear in this space around Midnight EST)

Check MWP website for more info about the Marvel Heroic RPG and other MWP products!

Brandon Blackmoor talks Bulletproof Blues!

Brandon Blackmoor and Dan Houser stop in to talk about their upcoming project “Bulletproof Blues”, a new roleplaying game for superheroes…. among many other topics! Mind the twists and turns, folks, this one tends to meander a bit. :)

To check out the art Dan mentions in the show, you can look at the RPGNet thread at this link!

Coming soon from Vigilance Press: The Oktobermen Special Edition: Print on Demand and PDF!

Sean Fannon talks Drive Thru RPG and RPGNow, Champions, Omniverse, and More!

Thank you for tuning in once again to the Vigilance Press Podcast! This episode’s special guest is Sean Patrick Fannon, RPG author extraordinaire. With over 20 years in the industry, Sean has been involved with and Drive-Thru RPG for several years and is on the show to talk about the business, how easy it is to get started, and a bit about the tools the sites offer customers and publishers. We also talk a bit about his history with Champions and other RPGs, as well as his big “Omniverse” project. Tune in, pour yourself a Guinness(optional), and enjoy!

We’re also proud to announce that our runaway hit “Strange Attractors” will be joining a big promotion at RPGNow and Drive-Thru RPG celebrating Romance and Geeks! Smoke and Mirrors (For M&M) will also be listed in the sale. Aww, ain’t it romantic? Coming soon, More Super-Heroic Roleplaying interviews in coming episodes, and news about our big Supers projects for the year!

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