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Trickster: Tianxia now available from Drive Thru Cards!

  Trickster Tianxia now available from Drive Thru Cards, courtesy of Smart Play Games!

The latest Tianxia-related product is the first not released from our Kickstarter stretch goals! Trickster: Tianxia is from Daniel Solis’s Smart Play Games and is a fun, fast-paced card game with multiple licenses! Tianxia is just one of the flavors of Trickster available, and you can mix and match the characters from the different sets!

You can find Trickster: Tianxia here!

Also check out Trickster: Fantasy here!


New Vigilance Press Podcast! Steve Kenson talks Blue Rose Kickstarter Campaign!

Nero the Newshound

Green Ronin super-star Steve Kenson joins us today to talk about the new edition of the Blue Rose roleplaying game! We discuss what it means to have an “inclusive” setting, what kind of magic and characters you can create in the Blue Rose setting, and Steve drops a Sir Mix-a-Lot reference. Tune in for all the details!


 I apologize in advance for any audio issues on my side of the recording. I’m in the process of building out my new podcast recording set-up and it sounds like I need a new microphone. I’ll try and have that remedied by next week’s episode.



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