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Gareth Skarka talks ICONS and Far West and More!

In this episode of the Vigilance Press Podcast, James Dawsey is joined by Co-Host Dan Houser (line artist for ICONS) and publisher Gareth Michael-Skarka for an epic conversation about ICONS, Adamant Entertainment, and Far West Fundraising. Clocking in at almost 2 hours, this is an epic feast, so make sure you have room on your plate!

Topics of discussion also include the upcoming ICONS releases “Adventure Omnibus” and “ICONS Team-Up”, and I even work in a few plugs for upcoming ICONS projects from Vigilance Press. Follow Adamant Entertainment Here for the latest news on ICONS releases!

You can check out our latest ICONS project “Smoke and Mirrors” here:

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“Stay Vigilant!”

RJ Grady Talks about Fantastic Creatures Special for M&M

RJ Grady from Tripod Machine stops by to talk up his Kickstarter project for Mutants and Masterminds: Fantastic Creatures Special. This product will contain 100 Creatures and some variations for the Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition Super-Powered license. Thanks again to RJ for stopping by the show to talk up the project, and best of luck!

Tonight’s episode runs just over 30 minutes, so catch us on your lunch break! Stay Vigilant!

You can find the kickstarter page here:

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