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Black Chapter is Now Available!


I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Due Vigilance: Black Chapter! The latest in our series of building-block books for your superhero setting!

Black Chapter introduces the organization “The Library” in great detail, with history, devices, and perks for membership (should your players decide to join)! Also included are 14 fully-statted characters, full-color artwork, cut-and-fold Standees, and adventure hooks for ready-set-go adventure ideas! The titular team “Black Chapter” can be uneasy allies for your players, or challenge them if the Library and the players ever find themselves at cross-purposes. Black Chapter are dark, dangerous mystic agents of the Library, and will let nothing stand between them and their goals!

Written by Jack Norris, Author of Due Vigilance: The Oktobermen, Black Chapter takes up some of the mysterious plot threads left dangling by that earlier product and weaves them into a larger narrative. Artwork by the amazing Alex Williamson highlights the cover and interior illustrations, as well as art by Denise Jones, Jesse Justice, and James Dawsey!

31 pages, full color, jam-packed with mystery, madness, and magic!

Dare you open… the Black Chapter?

Now available through Drive-Thru RPG and Rpgnow! 

Latest Actual Play Podcast- Aethercon 2012!

Tonight’s podcast is an actual play session of Mutants and Masterminds recorded at AetherCon, an online convention using’s virtual tabletop. The GM is Tolly (“Timeslip” from our Beacon City games), and James Dawsey plays “Bounce.” Join our special guest gamers as we showcase characters from The Challengers as they face off with some dangerous members of Six-Gun! ”

Six-Gun is coming soon, but you can find The Challengers as a free download right now from our RPG store! 

Enjoy the show! Let us know how you like this one compared to the usual approach to our games, I’m curious to see what the difference is between this session and our non-mapped sessions. Thanks again to Tolly for running!

AetherCon is here!

This weekend, join James Dawsey from Vigilance Press and Tolly Gipson (“Timeslip” from our Beacon City Podcasts) for demo games and Q&A sessions at AetherCon! We’ll be promoting the upcoming books Black Chapter and Six Gun!

It’s my first virtual con, I’m really excited! See you guys there!

Check out the virtual tabletop (browser based) at and look for info on the con and a program guide at AetherCon’s website!

**Updated** Our Sunday hours have been cancelled (We’re having technical difficulties), and we apologize. Anyone who wants to come see us, please do so by midnight tonight!


…and the booth is open! Join us by clicking this link!

Here’s a link to our Hours and the “Sorry you missed us” Image. Demo Schedule in this image as well!

Beacon City METAs update– New Artwork to show!

Well, slowly but surely this project is nearing completion! We have two colorists working on the project now, and the line art for Issue One is all in!

Once we get the last of the characters in, we’ll just be assembling the layout and getting the PDF together. For those of you who haven’t been waiting for your characters since this project began, we gathered user submissions for publication and are adding professional artwork for each character. The PDF will go live (those who submitted characters will get the first few issues free) and when we have enough pages assembled it’ll go into a compilation of some kind. I’m looking at print on demand in the long run! Anyway, check out the Gallery Page by clicking on the picture to the left, or by clicking here!

We hope to have the first issue ready for PDF publication and a price to announce for it by early 2013!



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