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Cast a deadly spell with Kid Kadaver and the Necronaut!

Devilish-Duos-KidKadaverandNecronaut-CoverImgThe latest in the Devilish Duos line from Vigilance Press has just hit the digital stores! Check out Kid Kadaver and the Necronaut at RPGNow and Drive Thru RPG!

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Tianxia’s Backerkit Invites have just gone out!

Tianxia Backers: You should have an email now allowing you to sign up for Backerkit. Please check your shipping info and other information and make any changes you need to. The backers list for the Scroll of Names has already been sent to Nathan for final layout, so if you have any changes to that, we may not have time to work that in unless there’s a problem with spelling or something critical that didn’t make it through the transfer from Kickstarter’s survey tools. Please email me through the Kickstarter message tool immediately and I will point Nathan at any dire problems.

If you wanted to back the project but missed out on the Kickstarter Campaign, you may also message me through the Kickstarter message tools or my email here, and I will add your email manually to the Backerkit and give you access to the $15.00 or $45.00 reward tiers. You’ll need to pay for the balance (you’ll start with $0.00 of credit) in BackerKit, but that’s as simple as can be with BackerKit’s credit card payment system.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing how BackerKit can make things easier for everyone!

For more information, please check our Backer Update at our Kickstarter page here:

Windsinger and The Williwaw for Mutants and Masterminds!

Devilish-Duos-WindsingerAndWilliwaw-CoverPromo Happy New Years, Vigilance Press Fans!

It’s a cold day here in Georgia, perfect timing to unleash Steve Perrin’s issue of Devilish Duos: Windsinger and The Williwaw! Issue Three of our “Devilish Duos” series, this supplement for Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition introduces two new villains for your supers campaigns. Devious and dangerous, Windsinger brings the elemental forces of wind against his foes, and The Williwaw is a nature spirit of destruction personified! Only $1.50, available now from RPGNow and DriveThru RPG! Find them at this link!

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