The Tianxia Arcana for the Deck of Fate is now available to the public!

pirate sample pc_v2Our Tianxia Kickstarter backers will want to check their messages for some discount codes, and if you haven’t picked up the Deck of Fate from Evil Hat you might want to stay tuned over the next couple of days if you haven’t picked up the Deck of Fate from Evil Hat, check below for a bundle we’re offering… but for everyone else, head right to this link for our very first Drive Thru Cards product!

Once again, I’d like to thank Daniel Solis, Jack Norris, and Dionysia Jones for their work on these cards. I’d also like to thank Fred Hicks and Evil Hat for partnering with us to make this product possible. Our licensing agreement with them allows us to use the actual Deck of Fate backing so that you can integrate these cards into your existing deck seamlessly! We’ll also be partnering with them to release a bundle if you haven’t picked up the Deck of Fate yet, so stay tuned for news on that in the coming days.

If you haven’t picked up the Deck of Fate yet, you can grab both the deck of fate and the Tianxia Arcana as a bundle right here!

We are proud to present these new cards designed for use with Evil Hat’s Deck of Fate! Designed by Daniel Solis and using art by Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade artist Denise Jones, these gorgeous cards will help reinforce that “Wuxia” flavor Tianxia brings to your Fate games. We licensed the back of the cards directly from Evil Hat, so they’ll shuffle seamlessly into your Deck of Fate.

Included, you’ll find…

The Tianxia Accelerated Arcana: A six-card deck, with each card representing one of the six approaches from Fate Accelerated Edition. These cards now show off the six sample Wuxia heroes from Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade to keep you “in the moment” when playing a Tianxia game!

The Tianxia Core Arcana: This nine-card deck includes a new set of arcana based around Kung Fu-themed virtues written by Jack Norris! All new aspect suggestions and amazing art from Denise Jones help illustrate the themes of each virtue.

Replace your existing Arcana, or add the Tianxia Arcana to your deck, it’s your choice! We hope you’ll enjoy this fun, attractive twist to the Deck of Fate!

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