Win Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade and other great prizes!

Tommy Brownell’s Top Six for 2014!

If you haven’t picked Tianxia up yet, check out Tommy Brownell’s Most Unread Blog Ever for his Top Six of 2014… for his picks of the best RPGs of the year, and a chance to win great RPG prizes. Including a hard copy of Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade!

Oh, and there’s also a bullet-point review of why Tommy likes Fate among the other Top Six entries. :)
Thanks to Tommy for the vote of confidence. It’s wonderful to be in such great company!

Tianxia Accelerated is now live on Drive Thru RPG!

Blood,SilkAndJadeCoverPromo600wideHappy New Year, everyone! 

To start things off right, we’re releasing the retail version of our Tianxia Accelerated Appendix into the wild today. As with the “Path of Destiny” Appendix we released earlier, this is a “pay what you want” release. That means you can set the price, from as little as zero dollars to whatever you think the PDF is worth!

This is the “Accelerated Addendum” we announced as a stretch goal during the Kickstarter, but with a slight name change. We’re simply calling it Tianxia Accelerated to help people find the product more easily.

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Rogues, Rivals & Renegades: The Krampus!

The Cover for Issue One of Rogues, Rivals & Renegades: The Krampus!Check out the early first issue of our new series, Rogues, Rivals & Renegades at Drive-Thru RPG!

The Krampus is a devilish new villain designed by Jack Norris for Mutants and Masterminds 3E. The art comes from Alex Williamson, Denise Jones, and Ruben Byrd. A Christmas-themed villain, The Krampus is a clever-but-cracked “gimmick” villain that’s sure to bring the mayhem to your holiday games.

Rogues, Rivals & Renegades will begin as a weekly release starting early next year. Check out this first early issue to get a taste of what’s in store!


John Rogers talks The Librarians and Tabletop Gaming!

Nero the NewshoundTune in to the latest episode of the Vigilance Press Podcast to hear showrunner John Rogers talk about his hit new television show, “The Librarians!” There may be a few spoilers peppered through the conversation, so listen at your own risk!

We touch on how Tabletop gaming and entertainment have influenced each other, especially when it comes to writing. John name-drops a lot of his favorite Role-playing Games, and talks a little about how shows like Leverage can wind up as properties for role-playing games!

Thanks again to John for finding the time in his very busy schedule, and good luck on the show!

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The BETA Men, now available in Print!

BETA-Men-Cover-640Our latest Mutants and Masterminds product, The BETA Men, is now available from Create Space as a Print on Demand item!

It will soon follow on, but you can order it directly from the printer at the link below!

Here’s the link to the Create Space store!

Bundle of Holding, Featuring Fate, Tianxia, and much much more!

Sister Chuntao

Sister Chuntao is here to let you know about a steal of a deal! (hey, she’s only “mostly” reformed…)

If you haven’t picked up the Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade PDF yet, here’s a great new reason to check it out. We’re part of this week’s special Bundle of Holding! Nab yourself a great big grab-bag of awesome digital RPG content, PLUS you get to help two worthy charity causes!

Tune in at Bundle of Holding’s website and check out the offerings. You’ll find Tianxia is one of the “Bonus” titles offered for those of you who give a little above the average. Here’s the link!

There’s PDFs from publishers like Evil Hat, Green Ronin, Atomic Overmind, Vigilance Press(that’s us!), and many more! This offer runs November 19, 2014 through November 27, 2014.

Check out the list of what’s on offer below:

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Find your Path of Destiny! Available Now!

pirate sample pc_v2

We are proud to announce today’s release of the first “Add-on” product for Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade. Jack Norris’s Path of Destiny is a helpful set of tables and character creation advice that will guide you through character generation for Tianxia. Roll Fate dice or choose your way through the tables, it doesn’t matter. There are no “Bad” options! For each step of the way, you’ll also find expanded explanations and workshop-like discussions of different options, as well as suggested Aspects and other surprising ideas.

Path of Destiny is available now from Drive-Thru RPG as a “Pay what you want” product. Pay as little as nothing, or as much as you think it’s worth. We feel this product acts as a very good “Appendix” to the Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade product, and a great way to help players jump-start character creation for a Tianxia campaign!

Find it at Drive-Thru RPG here!

The Latest Marathon episode of the Vigilance Press Podcast is up!

krampus-promo.jpgThis episode serves both as a Part 2 of the Green Ronin Summit podcast for 2014, but we extended it to include a discussion of Tianxia’s stretch goal progress, upcoming projects from Vigilance Press, and more!

First, Jack Norris talks about the plans for upcoming releases of the Dragon Age pen and paper RPG. We then talk about AGE, the system driving Dragon Age, and the plans Green Ronin may or may not have. After that, we go into detail about the Tianxia stretch goals as they are going into production and upcoming Vigilance Press projects for Mutants and Masterminds and ICONs.
Whew! There’s a lot of content in this episode, almost 2 hours of epic rambling!
Stay Vigilant!

Amazing Stories of WWII: The BETA Men Launch! New Podcast Episode! So many links!

relayHappy Halloween! (Okay, it’s a bit early, but it’s my favorite holiday, so bear with me…)

Welcome to the SO MANY LINKS post for October 21st. First, head here to listen to the latest episode of the Vigilance Press Podcast! This episode brings back Jon Leitheusser and Steve Kenson to discuss the upcoming slate from powerhouse RPG imprint Green Ronin!

We discuss Mutants and Masterminds products that are coming out in the next few months, look ahead to next year, and also cover some of Green Ronin’s other licenses. In the links below, find some special Halloween goodies, a sale on Green Ronin’s The Supernatural Handbook, and a new release from Vigilance Press!

That’s right, we are proud to announce that Amazing Stories of World War II: The BETA Men, is finally out!
Jack Norris really knocked it out of the park with this one… or should I say… out of this world? It’s at the top of the links below.

Legacy of Ruin, now available in Print and Kindle editions!

Legacy-of-Ruin-Cover-640x914Darrin Drader’s exciting post-apocalyptic odyssey Legacy of Ruin is now available in a variety of cool reading formats! If you want the digital editions, the Drive-Thru Fiction site has discounted it 25% as part of our participation in the Christmas in July sale. That sale goes on until the morning of July 29th. If you want the print edition, you can order that from Create Space or Amazon at the links below!

Edit: Now you can tune in to the podcast and hear more about the book and the setting!

If you enjoy this book, please let us know… Darrin would love to write more stories in the Nuclear Sunset setting!

Click Here to find it in PDF, Epub, and MOBI versions at Drive-Thru Fiction!

Click here to order a Print on Demand edition from Create Space!

Click Here to find it in both Kindle and Print versions at!