Breaking News! New Podcast with guests Jon Leitheusser and Christopher McGlothlin! Good Times!

Wow, another new podcast already!

Tonight’s episode of the Vigilance Press Podcast gives Jon Leitheusser and Professor Christopher McGlothlin time to talk about some upcoming Mutants and Masterminds projects. We talk about the Gadget Guides PDF series, the DC Adventures Universe book, the Emerald City slipcase collection, the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Hero’s Handbook, and the upcoming Cosmic Handbook! Brace yourselves for over an hour of “Good Times” with two of the best-known Green Ronin as they dish out some never-before-heard details from the upcoming books! We also ramble on about comic books and movies, but with the Professor on board, you can’t fault us for doing so. 🙂

Click here to head to the Podbean site and start listening!

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